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Merry Astuti

Mery adalah jawaban dari setiap doaku, pendamping hidup terindah -Willy-

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Willy Saputra

Willy itu lucu, romantis dan manis. Sahabat& imam hidup terbaik -Mery-

Wedding Day

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14 Mar 2018 at 11:00


Reception Party

30 Mar 2018 at 13:00

Graha Sabha Pramana

The Story of Us

  • Our days
  • 07-July-2017

    Thinking about Life

    It's not like we haven't met before. But I know something different has happened to me when you started telling me that everything in this life is just a game. You told me that people only have two choices, either play the game or get off from this world. It is not because you tell me something I can completely agree to, but more like a strike of a match that made me realize I have always been in the dark. I could hardly sleep that night thinking about life, with your words playing in the background.

  • 07-July-2017

    What a Night

    We never really talk that much. I only know that you exist in this world on December last year, when I attended alumni reunion. My friends literally dragged me to accompany her. So I didn't really pay any attention until you came up on the stage sang few songs with some of your friends. Jeez, I said as you smashed the drum passionately. I never really thought that few months forward we would become friends since my best friend married one of yours. I don't usually share what is on my mind but at that time I was so happy for my bestfriend. I guess, when you are too happy you just want to share all you have got. Then I ended up rambling about life.

  • 14-July-2017

    Free Days

    You said you hate going out on the weekend but this is the less weekend than the rest. So I decided to pick you up at you office. I just realized how much you hate weekend when you finally came out of the office at 8 p.m. You sure love your work, don't you?


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Sintia Putri

alhamdulillah,. Selamat Willy&Merry,. Semoga bahagia selalu.

Tulus P

Selamat Bro.. Wah duluan aja nih.. Moga jadi keluarga Sakinah, mawadah wa rahmah.




selamat yaah


selamat ya




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